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15 negative things people said about my natural hair

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I want to share some of the worst things people have said to me about my hair. I think most of us naturalistas have also heard the good, the bad and ugly things concerning our hair from friends, colleagues, coworkers, family etc especially when we just started out.

I believe going or keeping natural hair should be your own decision and what others say or think about it shouldn’t bother you. I didn’t allow myself to be discouraged by the negative statements but it just made me dogmatic about my hair.

  1. If I were your boyfriend, I would have broken up with you because of your hair.
  2. I will buy a chemical relaxer for you, I think you can’t afford one.
  3. You will soon get tired of your natural hair.
  4. Your hair looks too untidy (because is not slicked down like relaxed hair)
  5. Those hairstyles (referring to bantu knots out, twist outs etc) you see online are sew in weaves, your hair can never be like that.
  6. Your hair won’t grow.
  7. Don’t you have money to go the salon?
  8. Is that an afro? That’s old school, people don’t do that anymore.
  9. Don’t come to my house with natural hair. (It was a joke though)
  10. Don’t ever wear your hair out, is not nice, always put on wigs or use extensions to braid or twist.
  11. Your hair looks weird.
  12. You need a lot of makeup to accentuate your look with that hair.
  13. You are only limited to styles like cornrows and African threading.
  14. Why are you using fruits and kitchen ingredients on your hair, is meant to be eaten.
  15. You are wasting your time, money and energy on that hair, is it worth it?

    What are the negative things you have heard about your hair? Have you ever felt discouraged because of what others think of your hair? Please drop your comments in the comment section. Thanks for reading

    86 thoughts on “15 negative things people said about my natural hair

    1. I have natural hair to and its so annoying that people always want to change my hair !! Yet I’m so comfortable with it and in it !!! You have beautiful hair ✌ great postβœŒπŸ’œβœŒ

    2. I’ve had ‘friends’ say “You still got an Afro? When do you ever do your hair” And the worst was when a friend and I were thinking about starting a YouTube channel and she said that I would have to wear a wig when we’re recording πŸ€” I was like hold up, what you mean, my hair is pretty nice thank you very much. But I never let anyone dictate how I wear MY hair. I never really get offended.

      1. I get that a lot too…. And why must you wear wigs for a YouTube channel? I feel people should appreciate you more cos of the natural hair. I used to feel offended but not anymore. Am comfortable in my hair and skin. No one can come between my hair and I.

    3. People are the worst. Lool when will they realize that it’s not your
      hair! I’ve gotten the “your hair won’t grow” and “you’ll look ugly” and “it’s just a phase” comments. I think most of the people I know now prefer my hair to weaves. If I had listened I would have never gone natural! Do you boo πŸ’• and your hair is cute!!

      Pearl ||

      1. Thanks so much dear. I get good compliments now too but there are still some who don’t like it and I don’t care. I have become a muse to so many friends now. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    4. I am a naturalists and I have had my hair natural for the past two years. All those negative comments do come-by once in a while but sooner or later i suppose people will go back to the natural way after realizing the effects of so many chemicals mixed in your hair. Keep up with the natural hair. Rock it on girl.

      1. I do tell them that would happen in the nearest future. Natural hair always rock, #teamnatural. Chemicals are just too damaging and I didn’t have good experience with it when my hair was relaxed. Thanks for reading.

    5. Your hair is lovely girl 😍 I was told keeping natural hair is time wasting that it won’t grow and I reply even if it won’t grow I can for any reason relax my hair….those chemicals are not healthy for our hair….#teamnaturalhair

    6. Some people just have too much negativity in them that was what made me relax my hair the first time but am back to the natural hair community again and I am loving my hair journey. I fact some people tell me they can’t make my hair because it’s too thick and full. So I currently make my natural hair myself, I put it in mini twists for 2wks. Never let anyone make you feel bad about your natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful and unique for everyone.πŸ’žπŸ’ž

    7. This is so unfortunate that us naturals have to go through this! It’s our choice to do what we want with hair, body, etc. I was the first one in my family to go natural and my grandmother did NOT approve! She said “I just think that is so ugly” which hurt but she isn’t used to people of our culture wearing their hair in its natural state. If it’s not “normal” based on society than it’s not right. Right now I’m wearing protective styles until I can get my hair back to health. Then I’ll be wearing out my hair once again! 😁 Thanks for sharing!

      1. Most people still see natural hair has abnormal and relaxed hair has society standard….. I agree with you, whatever you do to your skin and hair should be your own decision. Please get your hair back to health and rock with your head high up.

    8. Yeah, people, nothing can surprise me anymore when it comes to them because they can be hella rude. I’m sorry to see you went through this, but as you said, we shouldn’t care about some other people’s opinions. And since I just said what I said, I don’t know if my words mean anything, but I really think your hair looks cute. And you look pretty, it’s nice to see that there are women who are embracing their natural beauty.

    9. I’m surprised all the time at how rude people can be sometimes. Life is so much easier if we can maintain a little respect for each other. I also think your hair is excellent. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

    10. Its actually your hair, you don’t have yo care about what other people say. You look absolutely beautiful in your pictures πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    11. I absolutely LOVE your hair girl it’s beautiful and so are you! It never amazes me how rude people can be towards your OWN decisions. If had a nickel each time I was told that my hair would look good if I straightened my hair out or that I was wasting my time I would be rich! I loved this post girly!

    12. I believe all natural hair is beautiful whether it is kinky, curly, thick or any hair type. I find it interesting that the people who speak negative light in naturalist are the main people who want to become natural themselves but are afraid to take the next steps. We must stand tall, wear our hair with pride, embrace being natural and smile. We have to show them the true beautiful of being natural.

    13. This is a nice blog post. Okay. I am not a naturalist but I totally relate. I fix extensions but I also love my natural hair. It isn’t ebony black like a lot of people. It’s brown accentuated with gold like the rest of my sisters. So sometimes when I wash and roll it, a lot of people asks me if I fixed weavon? There are some naturalists who look down on people who fix extensions because they feel they aren’t bold enough to go natural while there are others who feel going all natural is crazy. I love reading books so much and I get people tease me saying ‘dont I have better things to do” or “you ll probably go mad with reading”. So the thing is, its not about being a naturalists, a ‘artificialist’ a feminist, any type of “list” you can think about, its about respecting people choices and who they are. Its about keeping an open mind.

    14. Allah have given you such a beautiful and lovely hair.Ignore negative things.Be happy in your life.I really loved this post.You are looking lovely with this hair.

    15. Wow… you know, for years I’ve been ashamed of my natural curly hair because i didnt want to be the little nappy headed kid in my predominant white school. Now, working with and being around my own culture more I have grown to love my hair, and so does everyone else!

    16. I decided to go natural because I swim and attend water aerobics for my exercise regiment. This decision is to stay away from pressing and curling my hair 2- 3 times a week. I perform those exercises 3- 4 times a week. Well, I am 62 years old and along with going natural my hair graying! My hair is baby soft and baby fine. My afro style is near non existent due to the texture of my hair and using a pic makes my scalp hurt! So I went to sister locks! That was a tragedy too! My hair would only lock some what by adding human kinky bulk hair to it. Finding bulk kinky afro hair in gray is real tough too! My husband also constantly complaining about my hair as well. “You look like a plucked chicken!”. My daughter, “Mom, the texture of YOUR hair can’t handle locks! “You’re going to go bald!” ” Why are they neater? “Your edges are all over the place!” “I would get those type of styles if my would stay smooth!”. I’ve received tons of compliment about my hair from strangers but my family is a total different story!

    17. Ralph Waldo Emerson in his book, “The Spiritual Laws” said, my laws are the highest laws.
      So, we should never condemn whatever we allow or believe in and we should never give in to the laws of others to rule us!
      Kudos Adeyoola!

    18. Oh Merlin, people can be so mean! People need to learn to appreciate others! I used to get unflattering comments about my short stature, and it used to bother me until my teacher taught me to love myself the way I am.
      So, pay them no mind, I think you’re beautiful just the way you are!

    19. You have gorgeous thick hair! Going natural is the best decision to make. It urks me to hear another lady say “Natural hair doesn’t suit me” How could what God gave you NOT suit you?! That’s ridiculous! I guess going natural really needs mental preparation for some people because if you’re not confident, you will find yourself going back to the creamy crack.

      1. Thanks so much dear…… People can’t just watch their mouth….. I agree with you, going natural sometimes need mental preparation, some people can be so mean with their words. I ain’t doing the creamy crack thing no more

    20. I love your blog already!
      It’s amazing how people feel they can just say whatever they want without regard for a person’s feeling. I had an acquaintance whose friend told her she looks like an “African village girl”.

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