Natural Hair Tag

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Hey guys, I have been tagged. I’m super excited about this. Thanks to pursuit of natural for nominating me and Yeka for creating this tag. Pursuit of Natural is a blog you need to follow, if you are into natural hair and arts. Also, she is such an amazing person. She made a portrait of […]


Sorry Guys

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Hey guys, how are you all doing? It has really been a while I published a post. I am so sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I missed you all so much. I have been so busy with work and family. I also lost my phone recently and my laptop is faulty. I’m back now, […]


10 Best Home Remedies For Burns Injury

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Burns injury is one of the most common household and workplace accident. Most minor burns especially first degree burns spreads and form blisters because people have no idea of the home remedies they can use immediately. Last month, I was cooking and some of the content spilled on me. The burning sensation and stinging was […]