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9 Must Have Tools for Natural Hair.

There are some tools that you need to have for a smooth natural hair journey. These tools are essential whether you are a new natural, transitioning or have been natural for years.

These include:

  • Hairbands: These are necessary for creating cute buns and afro puffs. Make sure you avoid rubber band as this will snap your hair off each time you use it.
  • Satin scarfs or satin bonnets: Satin scarfs or satin bonnets is a must for keeping the moisture in your hair at night when you are sleeping. Also silk or satin scarfs can be worn out on bad hair days.
  • Hair clips/clamps: When you need to section your hair for a style e.g braids, twists, bantu knots etc or when detangling you can make use of hair clips to prevent a section of hair getting in the way of another.
  • Bobby pins: These are saviours on bad hair days. Also, you need them for some styles such as roll, tuck and pin style. You can never have enough bobby pins
  • Spray bottle: If you don’t joke with moisturizing, you must have a spray bottle for spraying water or leave in conditioner on your hair.
  • Shower cap: A shower cap is a must in your natural hair journey, you need it while deep conditioning your hair or when you need just a little bit of moisture in your hair.
  • Cotton T-shirt: Using a cotton towel for drying your hair after a wash can make it frizz out. Your best bet is a cotton t-shirt, gently squeeze out excess water with this t-shirt. An old t-shirt will work just fine, you don’t have to buy a new one.
  • Rattail Comb: You need this to part your hair neatly while styling. Rattail comb should not been used for combing natural hair because of its fine tooth which can cause breakage.
  • Wide tooth comb: This is essential for combing and detangling your hair. It makes your hair easier to work with.

What are your must have tools for natural hair journey? I will like to hear your answers.

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14 thoughts on “9 Must Have Tools for Natural Hair.

  1. My must have tool for my natural hair is a Afro pick! So I can pick my hair out from a freshly done twist out, Bantu knot out, etc. and give it more definition & fluff!

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