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Beauty Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber comprises 96% water, it is super hydrating and has lot of health benefits which include blood pressure reduction, helps with blood sugar level regulation, cholesterol level reduction etc. Apart from being good for your health, it also has beauty benefits which include

  • It minimizes puffy eyes: Puffiness around the eyes can greatly alter one’s good looks. Puffy eyes can be as a result of lack of sleep, allergies, dehydration, excess salt and alcohol intake. The cooling and hydrating effect if cucumber makes it a good remedy for puffy eyes.
  • It get rid of dark circles: Dark circles can make you look unhealthy and way older than you actually are. Place slices of cucumber on the dark circles to minimize them.
  • It fades sunburn: Sunburn can really be annoying, you don’t have to allow it to piss you off. Just apply slices of cucumber to sunburn areas to fade the affected part
  • Hair growth: Are you experiencing slow hair growth? Cucumber is packed with silicon and sulfur necessary for hair growth.
  • Hair strengthening: If you have been suffering from hair breakage or severe hair shedding, try out cucumber and honey hair deep conditioning treatment. Simply blend few slices of cucumber and honey in your blender and apply on your hair after shampooing, leave the mix on for 30 mins to an hour This mix strengthens the hair thereby preventing further breakage.
  • Slows down aging: Applying cucumber face mask or slices all over the face prevents and reduce freckles and wrinkles.
  • Tones Skin :Cucumber tones the skin and thereby reveal glowing skin overtime.
  • Fight Acne: Applying cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice or honey or slices on acne can help get rid of acne and acne scars because cucumber reduce facial oil secretion.
  • Minimize Clogged pores: Pores become clogged as a result of dirt, you can get rid of clogged pores with cucumber. Add cucumber to your diy facial scrub mix.
  • Facial Cleanser: It can help remove dirts and makeup from the face. Just make a cucumber juice by blending it in a blender, dab a cotton wool inside and apply all over your face.
  • Facial Mask: You can use cucumber as a facial mask by making a cucumber paste and mixing with either honey, lemon juice or avocado. Apply the mixture all over your face and wash off after 30 mins. This rejuvenates the skin.

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  1. Great! These tips are wonderful for removing dark circle. Cucumber slices are the best and effective remedies for dark circle. These slices around the eyelids helps in retaining the natural moisture of the eyes and thus prevents the eyes from getting dark circle. Thanks for this.

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