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How to Start Your Natural Hair Journey/Big Chop Vs Transitioning

Have you recently been thinking of starting a natural hair journey but you are clueless on how to go about it? Natural hair has made a huge comeback and people are going natural everyday. Many researches have been done to prove natural hair can grow really long and healthy.

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Creamy crack (relaxer) sales have seriously dropped since most Africans are embracing our God given kinky curly hair. In case you aren’t aware relaxer damages your hair, check below for the list of the damages it cause.

  • Weakens hair
  • Hair breakage
  • Scalp irritation and damage
  • Hair loss
  • Split ends
  • Burns
  • Thinning
  • Slow hair growth

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Some people think you have to chop all your relaxed hair off (Big Chop) in order to grow natural hair. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to opt for that because there are 2 ways of going natural and include:

  • Big Chop: Big chop has been the widely known method of going natural before transitioning. Big chop is the process of cutting off all your relaxed hair. This can be done 3 to 6 months post last relaxer application so you have some new growth to work on. Most people dread this method but if you are bold and brave enough you can pull it off.

  • Transitioning: Transitioning is the process of growing out your natural hair and trimming off the relaxed ends gradually. The trimming can be done every two months or so, it all depends on you. This method is for those that are too afraid to have very short hair. You have to work with two textures (relaxed and natural) of hair.

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Transitioning VS Big Chop

  • Big chop is easier than transitioning because you don’t have to deal with both natural and relaxed hair.
  • According to my experience and findings, transitioned hair takes longer to grow than big chopped hair
  • Transitioned hair can make your styles look absurd sometimes so is better to go for a lot of protective styles (such as braids, twists etc) unlike big chopped hair which is already in its natural state.
  • After the big chop, you would be so desperate to grow your hair out while transitioned hair gives you the chance to work with enough length.
  • Big chop allows you to identify the best products to use and what really works for your hair earlier while you might need a longer time to know what works for your transitioned hair.
  • It takes time to know your natural hair type while transitioning and a lot easier after a big chop.

Is left to you to make your choice now. How did you start your hair journey? Did you big chop or transitioned? Thanks so much for reading. Please subscribe to this blog, share this post and like my facebook page.

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    1. Alright dear, I wish you all the best in your natural hair journey. I’m always here whenever you need help concerning your natural hair

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