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Why your scalp seems dirty after a wash

Wash day is a very important and busy day for naturalistas. Depending on individual wash day routine we perform at least 2 – 5 processes (prepooing, detangling, shampooing deep conditioning etc). It can be quite vexatious if when after executing about 4 processes on your wash day, you notice your scalp to be a bit greasy or feel a buildup when you scrub a fingernail on your scalp.

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I will be sharing those things we do on wash days that lead to a dirty scalp.

  1. Not Shampooing: Yeah, some of us are guilty of this, we skip shampooing at all time and believe so much in conditioning. Of a truth, shampoo strips off oil from your scalp but you need to shampoo at least once a month to get rid of dirt and buildup that can’t be removed with conditioning alone. Ensure you use a sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate free shampoos.
  2. Not unraveling twists before washing: Some of us wash our hair in twists to prevent tangles, knots and breakage. When doing this, some wash all the twists all at once together. This shouldn’t be because you tend to not have enough access to your scalp that way. Whenever you are washing your hair in twists, endeavour to unravel a twist at a time, wash thoroughly starting from your scalp, rinse and re-twist before moving to the next section.
  3. Not concentrating on your scalp: When shampooing, some ladies concentrate more on the body of their hair than the scalp which is actually meant to be shampooed.
  4. Deep conditioning your scalp: After shampooing, deep conditioning is usually next, some are guilty of deep conditioning their scalp. Deep conditioners are not meant for your scalp, they are to be used on your hair working from ends to roots.
  5. Rinsing with hot water: When you are done washing your hair, you should rinse out with cold water. Rinsing out with hot water stimulate the sebaceous glands in your scalp to secrete more oil.
  6. Product buildup: Sometimes, you might have product buildup on your scalp and if you don’t wash and rinse your hair thoroughly, the buildup will still persists after a wash.

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