8 foods to avoid if you have ulcer

8 foods to avoid if you have peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer is majorly caused by Helicobacter pylori and long term use of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). It isn’t caused by stress, spicy foods like commonly believed but the symptoms are worsened by it.

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There are certain foods that exacerbate ulcer symptoms and should be totally avoided.

Foods to avoid if you have peptic ulcer

  1. Spicy foods: Hot chillies and certain spices can irritate the mucosa lining of the stomach or duodenum and worsen the symptoms of ulcer.
  2. Alcohol: As an ulcer patient, alcohol should be neglected completely because it raises the stomach acidity level leading to more severe symptoms like bleeding.
  3. Cigarette: Studies have showed that smoking makes medication meant for ulcer treatment less effective. Aside from this, it can also cause your stomach mucosa lining more damage.
  4. Carbonated beverages: Carbonated beverages are quite acidic and can further worsen ulcer symptoms.
  5. Coffee: Caffeine in coffee can aggravate the symptoms of peptic ulcer because it increases stomach acid which can lead to further irritation of mucosa lining.
  6. Milk and other dairy products: Contrary to the popular belief that milk relives ulcer pains, it doesn’t. You actually feel a temporary relief but milk because of its protein increases the acidity level overtime.
  7. Red meat: Red meat can be irresistible at times but you need to steer clear of it as an ulcer patient. It doesn’t digest on time and requires more time leading to more acid used in digestion worsening ulcer pain.
  8. Salty diet: Salt exacerbate gastric ulcer because it increases the potency of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the leading cause of peptic ulcer. It can also have a direct irritation on the internal sores.

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  1. Extremely detailed and well written. I wonder how could this sickness compromise daily lives of my three sister. Reading this article empowers me to develop my knowledge at how I can boost my passion to help my sibs. Thank you for this.

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