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Natural Hair Shrinkage: What precipitates it?

Hair shrinkage

Hair shrinkage is a common phenomenon for naturalistas. Natural hair shrinkage simply means your natural hair appears smaller than it really is.

This can be so annoying and frustrating but is actually an indication that your hair is healthy and can resist breakage. Natural hair can shrink up to 50 to 80% of its actual length depending on your hair type. 4c hair type shows the highest shrinkage because of its super kinkycurly pattern.

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At times, shrinkage can make your hair go from a shoulder or bra strap length to a short afro overnight. Your hair can be a bit difficult to work with in its shrunken state.

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The main factor that makes your hair shrink is moisture. At the same time, natural hair needs to be moisturized to keep it from drying out and breaking off

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Hair shrinkage

What precipitates hair shrinkage?

  1. Weather: An humid weather is a naturalista’s enemy as moisture is drawn into your natural hair making it shrink up rapidly.
  2. Wash day: Most shrinking occurs on and after wash days because of your hair contact with water. To deal with this, braid or twist your hair into about 4 – 6 sections after washing to combat or reduce shrinkage.
  3. Water: It is important to spray your hair with water as necessary because it is the best moisturizer for natural hair. When doing that, make sure you don’t overboard with the spraying or else you will end up with a shrunken hair.
  4. Water based hair products: Some hair products are water based and are to be used in small quantity. Applying them to your hair in much quantity can shrink your hair up.
  5. When your style go bad or isn’t completely dry: Most of us love braids out and twists out. Whenever those styles aren’t completely dry as at the time of take down, your hair shrinks up badly and you can even experience tangles and knots.

Thanks so much for reading. What precipitates your hair shrinkage?

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