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Beat the shrinkage: 6 ways to stretch your natural hair out without heat damage

Natural hair shrinkage is very real. I recently wrote a post on what precipitates hair shrinkage check the factors out.

Hair shrinkage is actually a sign of healthy hair but there are times you want to show off the length of your hair. There are ways to achieve this without damaging your hair.

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 Blow drying, flat ironing or heat straightening your hair can lead to damage when done excessively or overtime. Using the methods explained below doesn’t show off the exact length of your hair but reduces shrinkage a great deal.

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  1. Braids: This is the preferable method for stretching 4c hair as it minimises tangles and knots. The bigger the section of braids the strecthier your hair becomes. I get good results by putting my hair into 2 to 4 braids.  Shrinkage
  2. Twists: This is easier to do than braids. Just like braids, the less the sections the better. Twists actually gives your hair more volume. If done in much sections like 10 to 12, can be worn as twists outs for 2 days before combing out.  
  3. Bantu knots: Want a curly or wavy stretched hair, Bantu knots is the go to. Bantu knots can be done by twisting your hair first, then twirling around your fingers until it form knot  
  4. African threading: African threading gives a good stretch close to a blow out. This can be achieve by simply wrapping your hair with yarn from roots to ends. The smaller the sections the better. 
  5. Banding: This is a bit similar to African threading. It is done by wrapping hair with yarn or hair bands and leaving out spaces in between.
  6. Roller setting: Roller setting is another cute way to stretch natural hair out.Moisturize, detangle and roll a small section of your hair with roller starting from ends to root and secure in place with a bobby pin. Repeat this all through your hair. Take down the style the next day for a curly and stretched hair. 

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