17 causes of hair breakage and how to fix it.

Hair breakage can be so heartbreaking and dreading especially to women because the hair is a woman’s glory and an important part of our lives. There are so many causes of hair breakage, some of which look unharmful or innocent.The reasons range from carelessness, over processing, hairstyles etc. Below are the causes of hair breakage with solutions

  • Dehydration: Not drinking enough water on a daily basis can break your hair off. Your hair needs enough hydration to grow.
  • Unhealthy eating habits: When you depend on junk foods most of the time and neglect healthy food necessary for stimulating hair growth and strength, your hair will definitely suffer the consequence. Eat more healthy and nutritious food to grow your hair back.

  • Split ends: This is the splitting of hair ends as a result of heat, mechanical and chemical damage. It makes the ends of the hair unequal and ragged. Trimming the split ends is the best remedy for this. You may feel reluctant about trimming your ends but if you don’t the split will keep travelling down the strand and cause more damage.

  • Combing hair when wet: Hair is weakest when wet, it tends to break off when you run a comb through it in this state. Always comb your hair when is slightly damp.
  • Chemical processing: Applying relaxers and dye too often on your hair can drastically break it. Some people opt for relaxing every month which shouldn’t be, retouching or perming hair weakens hair especially when done frequently. Avoid using chemicals or use sparingly to stop hair breakage.

  • Towel drying: Using a towel each time you dry your hair and rubbing it rigorously can snap your hair off. An alternative is to wrap your hair  with an old T-shirt and squeeze excess water out gently and allow to air dry.
  • Heat: If you are fond of flat ironing or blow drying everyday, you might be on your journey to going bald. Heat is too drying and damaging for hair. Limit heat usage to once or twice a month.

  • Lack of moisture: Hair needs moisture especially African hair which is very dry, making it more susceptible to breakage. To moisturize your hair effectively, use the LOC (liquid, oil and cream) method. Starts by applying a water based leave in conditioner on your hair, follow it up with oil and seal with cream or butter e.g shea butter. Also deep condition your hair once weekly to retain moisture
  • Over manipulation: Touching your hair too much can also make it easier for it to break off, so keep your hands off your hair.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays and chlorinated water: Exposing your hair too often to harmful sun rays can break it too, applying avocado oil on your hair can prevent this. Whenever your hair comes in contact with chlorine maybe from a swimming pool, make sure to wash it thoroughly to avoid breakage.
  • Hair products: Some hair products contain ingredients too harmful or drying for hair such as petrolatum, isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate etc. Go for natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil.

  • Prolonged and tight hairstyles: Keeping an hairstyle in for too long i.e more than 2 months can be the reason your hair is falling out. Tight hairstyles can also snap and snag your hair off. Therefore, don’t keep your hair in for too long and stay away from tight hairstyles.
  • Combing: There is a saying that combing the hair often can make your hair longer. That’s definitely not true, combing hair often can be the cause of your hair loss. When you pack all the strands that comes off each time you comb for about a week, you will definitely see how far your hair has broken. Comb your hair less often, use a wide tooth comb instead of a fine tooth and comb from ends to root to minimize breakage.
A comb with fine and wide tooth ends
  • Leaving the hair out too often: When hair is out most of the time, it can be easily manipulated making it easy for breakage to occur. Protective hairstyles is the way out, wear your hair in styles that keep your ends tucked in
  • Washing hair frequently: Washing hair everyday can strip off the natural oil in your hair and this results in breakage. Reduce washing to once a week to minimize breakage.

  • Hairbands: Rubberbands and metal hairbands rip of the hair on every usage. Make use of satin or silk hairbands and metal free hairbands instead.
  • Cotton pillowcase: This sounds unharmful but cotton pillowcase can strip off the moisture in your hair leading to breakage. Use a satin pillowcase, wear a satin or silk scarf or a satin bonnet to sleep instead.

Other solutions include

  1. Hot oil treatment:
  2. Protein treatment
  3. Deep conditioning
  4. Castor oil application
  5. Washing hair in sections for natural hair to prevent tangles and breakage.

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  1. omobim1

    Great post.. enlightened me the more on some stuffs I know and insightful of things I don’t

  2. As Told by Sid

    I’m so glad I came across this post. I’m a natural sister, but I prefer protective styling to avoid damaging or breaking my hair off. I learned a few things here, and I’m interested to keep learning from you. Great job! 🙂

    1. Wow, so happy to meet a naturalista like me. Thanks for reading, am glad you learnt something.

    2. Naturalista sister, am glad you learnt something. Protective styles helps prevent breakage but shouldn’t be too tiny or kept in too long and natural hair shouldn’t be neglected.

      1. As Told by Sid

        Oh no! I’m a wig girl! I maintain my hair weekly and then braid it right back up in some good old cornrows. I’ve had one too many friends have their edges break off because the braids were too tight. My hair is finally prospering, and I want to keep it that way.

        1. I actually wrote a post on how to grow edges or hairline back. It might be of help to those friends.

  3. roadsandqueening

    I’m a victim to this! I dye my hair a lot and I did not know that it can cause damages, Thank you dear!!!!

    1. Dyeing too often can cause much damage. Please reduce the dyeing. You welcome, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Stacy

    Great info. This is helpful and it will enable me to be cautious on how to treat my hair.

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