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Tangles and Knots: Best ways to prevent them.

Tangles and knots are one of the most common natural hair problems we experience. They actually occur mostly because of our faults e.g negligence and laziness. No matter how gentle you can be in getting rid of knots and tangles, you will still experience some breakage. The best thing is to prevent is as much as you can.

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Are you sick and tired of your hair knotting and tangling at all time, the following tips should help.

  • Stretching your hair: This is like the best thing you can do for your type 4 hair. Stretching not only give your hair added length but also makes your hair easier to work with. When your hair is stretched without heat with styles such as African threading, bantu knots, twits outs, braids out etc, it becomes less likely to get tangled or knotted especially if you have done the process of detangling well prior to stretching. Unstretched hair is equivalent to shrinkage and shrunken hair becomes tangled and knotted easily.
  • Trim split ends: No one likes trimming off their hair especially when you believe you have retained some length but the longer you hold on to split ends, the more your hair tangle, knots and break resulting in slow hair growth. Endeavour to trim your ends every 3 months or whenever you notice split ends.
  • Protective styles: Keeping your hair in protective styles can really cut down on knots and tangles because your ends which is more susceptible to knots and tangles are protected safely.
  • Detangling: Do you think you can have a happily ever after story with your hair after skipping detangling step on every wash day? Hell NO!!! Detangling is a very important process that mustn’t be skipped. It allows you to get rid of tangles, knots, shed hair effectively so you will have less tangles or knots to deal with later. Detangling must be done gently and patiently to prevent further breakage.
  • Braid or twist your hair before sleeping: No matter how lazy, busy or tired you are and you have worn your hair out all day, please put your hair in braids or twists before sleeping, this will prevent your hair from hugging (tangle or knot) each other the next day.
  • Hand in hair syndrome (Touching hair too often): This is a common thing for us especially when we are just starting out or if our hair isn’t in a protective styles. Touching our hair too often cam lead to dryness, knots, tangle and breakage. Also, do not allow people to touch your hair anyhow.
  • Moisturizing: Natural hair needs to be moisturized frequently to prevent dryness which can result in knots, tangles and as well breakage. Always remember to use the LOC or LCO method depending on what works for your hair.
  • Oiling ends of hair: We all know the ends of our hair are the oldest and weakest. If not cared for properly, can break off, tangle or knot easily. This can be prevented by oiling your ends regularly.
  • Avoid wearing hairstyles for prolonged period: You might be tempted not to take down your badass braids, twists, locs, sew in weave or whatever style you’ve be rocking the city with for 5 weeks or more. This will only make you end up with matted, tangled and hair full of knots, beware.
  • Washing hair in braids and twists: Washing your hair loose can actually cause knots and tangles, the better option is to put your hair in 6 twists or braids.

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