7 signs of bad natural hairstylists

bad hairstylists

Bad hairstylists are everywhere

Who doesn’t like a lovely hairdo that attract comments, smiles and lovely gestures? I’m sure most of us do no matter our sex and skin colour.

One very important thing to consider before going for a hairstyle is the hairstylist that will be doing the job. There are numerous hairstylists but some of them know nothing about natural hair care. They treat natural hair like straight hair and apply the same techniques. Those type of stylists are actually after their pay than the health of your hair.

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There are some annoying things some hairstylists do that may necessitate you to stay away from them. The following are the signs you should watch out for in any stylist handling your hair:

Signs of bad hairstylists

  1. Braid edges and hair too tight: Naturalistas don’t joke with our edges but some stylists don’t care about it. Some hairstylists braid edges too tight you can hardly laugh. A super tight braid can cause your hair severe breakage. Whenever you notice your stylist exerting too much tension on your hair, call his/her attention to it.
  2. Use wrong tools and products: This happens a lot, imagine a stylist combing 4c hair with fine tooth or rat tail comb??? I have had this experience a couple of time with different stylists Also, use of alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum, lauryl sulfate containing hair products isn’t rare in some salons. And you all know how damaging those ingredients are to our hair.
  3. Claim they know best: This should be familiar. Have you ever tried to explain an hairstyle to your stylist and she cuts you in telling you she knows all about it but she ended up creating an entirely different style? Such an experience is an annoying one.
  4. Burn your hair after cornrows or Ghana braids: It took quite a while before I noticed this was affecting my hair. After installing Ghana braids, some hairstylist trim and burn the flyaways on the hair in order to give the hair perfect look. Doing this will lead to serious hair loss. Opt for an alcohol free gel or a better hairstylist instead.
  5. Always ask why your hair isn’t relaxed or advice you to relax your hair: This usually cost most hairstylists their customers with natural hair. Whatever way we choose to wear our hair is none of the hairstylist business, their concern should be getting the hair done.
  6. Charge more: Have you seen some naturalistas go on youtube for diy hairstyles? This is the leading reason. Hairstylists that are ignorant about natural haircare charge more and do more damage to your hair. They claim natural hair takes more time and hurt their fingers.
  7. Lack of patience: Also, you have to be wary of stylists that are impatient and want to quickly make your hair and move to the next client. This type of stylist can cost you your hair.

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What are the things you can do instead?

  • Let the stylist know you are not happy with the way he/she is treating your hair. This can make him/her have a change of heart and try to learn more about natural hair.
  • Opt for a stylist that has good experience with natural hair: There are actually some great hairstylists that are well vast when it comes to natural hair. Ask around for such salons.
  • Watch youtube videos and do it yourself: This might sound challenging or impossible to some but you can actually do it. Doing your hair yourself saves you money and you are likely to be more gentle when handling your hair because you understand best.

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