Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been around since ancient time. It is widely used as natural remedy for certain skin and health issues and also as sugar substitute in meals. It has a sweet taste and is a lot healthier than sugar. 

When purchasing honey, it is better to go for raw honey because it contains more nutrients and antioxidants than processed or refined honey. Honey shouldn’t be given to children under 1 year because of risk of botulism.

  • Anticancer: Honey contains antioxidants which help combat carcinogenic cells.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal: Some research studies have proved honey to be effective in treating infectious diseases because of the defensin 1 protein it contains, this also enable honey combat antibiotic resistant infections

  • Regulate blood sugar level: Though honey is sweet and contain natural sugar, it is safer in regulating blood sugar level than sugar, it doesn’t cause an insulin spike but should be used sparingly.
  • Relieves cough and sore throat: Honey has been proven to be effective in relieving cough and soothing sore throat, it is preferred to OTCs (Over The Counter) medications such as antihistamines which can cause drowsiness and other side effects.Make a mix of honey and lemon for natural cough remedy.
  • Wound management: Honey is used in some health care facility for dressing wound, this is because it prevent and fight infection and also aid wound healing.
  • Boosts energy: If you are feeling fatigued, instead of reaching for energy drinks that contain harmful ingredients, opt for honey instead, it will replenish your energy.
  • Promotes sleep: Suffering from insomnia? Put an end to the sleepnessless by adding honey to your tea or water or just take a tablespoonful of honey before bedtime. Honey contains tryptophan which is later converted to serotonin, serotonin is then converted to melatonin, an hormone that promotes sleep.
  • Burns management: Honey’s antibacterial properties, hygroscopic effect and hydrogen peroxide content makes it effective for burns management.
  • Brain health: The antioxidants in honey enhance cognitive function, boosts memory etc.
  • Improves immune system: Honey contains vitamin C and other antioxidants that can boost immune system and make you less susceptible to infections.
  • Prevent heart diseases: Honey lowers triglycerides level, prevents heart attack and can improve blood circulation.

    Do you take honey? Do you know other health benefits of honey? Please share your experience with honey in the comment box. Thanks so much for reading.



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    1. dbeautifuldreams

      I love honey!!! Lol. More for the natural healthy benefits ….. I love your posts!!! You’re doing wonderful!!!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

    2. zeebala

      Thnx for this informative post, I also use honey sometimes to take my green or black tea and also on my face as part of my skin care.

      1. You are welcome, honey tastes good in tea and has tons of benefit for the skin.

    3. Rebecca

      I will call this” the post of a Nurse” thumbs up!!!!!!
      I use honey for my patient who is diabetic and it doesn’t reflect so much on her blood sugar.
      Honey works for weight reduction. grate ginger and lemon juice in a cup, add hot water then add honey to make tea. Take first thing in the morning. ..well it worked for me.
      I mix honey with my body cream that is basically shea butter and olive oil or coconut oil. Now my skin glows.
      I mix honey with my other deep conditioning ingredients
      Hmmmmmmm……… that’s all I can think of now

      1. Lol, thanks so much Rebecca….. Honey is way better than sugar….. I bet the combo of ginger, lemon and honey is gonna work so much, gonna try it out.
        Honey has also improve my complexion, I use it in exfoliating and sometimes add to my body cream which is also Shea butter and coconut oil.
        I also add to my deep conditioning mix as well.

      1. Thanks dear, honey is good for the skin, I will soon write a post on the beauty benefits.

    4. preppypinkpiglet

      I love honey…glad to know its healthy and beneficial too ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. organicaholic

      I love honey!! It’s great as a face mask ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. CaribParent

      I didn’t know there were so many health benefits. I usually drink it with my tea or for a sore throat. Good read!

        1. CaribParent

          You’re most welcome, I’ve enjoyed your posts!

    7. Books N Me

      Besides it’s health benefits, I love honey for its taste too. ๐Ÿ˜œ

      My mom drinks a glass of warm water with honey & lemon juice, every morning. It is believed to reduce fat.

      1. Yeah, I love the taste in tea, custard and oatmeal. Yeah, honey and lemon mixture is just too good.

        1. Books N Me

          Even I prefer honey to sugar, in oatmeal.

            1. Books N Me


              High Five. โœ‹

    8. Ipuna Black

      I love honey. It is a great natural sweetener. I didn’t realize all of the benefits of it.

      1. Yeah, it is a great natural sweetener with tons of benefits, thanks for stopping by.

    9. the ethnic girl

      wonderful compilation ๐Ÿ™‚ Honey works wonders in reducing sun burns and dark spots. According to Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) honey aids in healthy digestion and boosts metabolism hence aiding in weight management!

      -91coffeegirl ( this is my another blog )

      1. Yeah, I agree with you…. Thanks for sharing more information, I really appreciate it.

    10. Nathi

      Informative indeed! I’m so glad to have come across your blog. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Nathi

          Pleasure is mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    11. Peoniesandrubies

      Honey is very useful, I use it as a facial mask, combine it with other ingredients for exfoliating and deep conditioning. The honey and lemon therapy for cough is also very effective. Unfortunately, I CANNOT stand the taste of honey on its own, but it’s still very useful….LOL. Nice post๐Ÿ‘

    12. Is it me, or is honey just so addictive? I love the taste of it, glad to hear it’s doing me good too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    13. richmond247

      Interesting comment about the effects on insulin levels always good to reduce spikes in insulin.

    14. hairbykee

      I did NOT know honey was this powerful! I never used to eat honey but i think I might actually give it a try!

      1. Yeah, honey is really powerful. Please do, thanks for stopping by.

      1. Thanks so much for the nomination, sorry i did’t reply on time. I just got your comment, found it in spam.

    15. Samuel

      I’ll start using honey now.

    16. William.L

      Great post !! 👍 Hey visit also my blog about how to gain more followers on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

    17. Christy B

      Honey has so many benefits! I recently found out about its ability to stop the insect bites I got at the beach from itching any longer. A bit of honey on each spot and I had relief, naturally ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Wow, it does that too?? I’m gonna try it out, thanks for sharing more benefits.

    18. Kingsley Felix


      Nice post on Honey benefits, unfortunately i don’t like the taste of it.

      1. Thanks, you don’t like it? Anyway, we like different things, lol.

    19. frutopiavalley

      Delicious! I just want a honeypot filled to the brim of that sweet, healthy goodness!

      1. Yeah, me too. I have almost run out of the one I have now. Thanks for stopping by.

    20. I am Aranab

      Absolutely love honey. But I wish there was a way to find out if the honey I am eating regularly is pure and as beneficial to the expensive ones.

      1. The more beneficial honey is darker and might contain debris. The lighter ones are most time processed. Also, try to locate a bee farm, you should be able yo get a good one there.

    21. Sayani Mukherjee

      I really love honey.. But never knew so much health benefits of it. Thanks for this blog.. It was really helpful.

      1. Lemon and honey seems like best friends. They are so good together. Thanks so much for stopping by. Will stop by your blog too.

    22. what a great article. I keep telling myself I need to start using honey instead of sugar. We have a little hobby farm and lately Ive been thinking we should get into bee keeping. Need to do some more research but having fresh honey would be amazing!

      1. Wow, your idea is amazing. Please don’t throw out the honeycombs when you finally start your bee keeping. Those are also good. Thanks for reading.

    23. Michael Sichico

      great post, I always have my honey every time I make my tea.

    24. askrwt

      wow! a great article on honey.I never knew how honey could be so useful.Thanks

      1. I’m glad you are impressed and learnt something new. Thanks a lot.

    25. parasramshinde

      thanks for sharing this very usrfull information and its is really helpfull so we cant ignore this kind of infrmation just amazing keep sharing .we support you always

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    27. seasonoffitness

      Dang! Honey has a ton of benefits. Thanks for the info!

    28. drsaz19

      Honey is extremely beneficial. In treatment of abscess after incision & drainage using honey provides better healing. Though it’s very important to know when not to use it for example never give honey to a child below 1 yr due to risk of botulinum poisoning.

    29. juliamakl

      Great article. Going to trying opting for honey in my coffee now instead of sugar

    30. Alex Olander

      Love your natural honey, very nice! thanks for sharing :))

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